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Huelva and its province

Discover the wonders of Huelva. Beaches, cuisine, art and culture. Lose yourself in its stunning corners.
Lose yourself on
Huelva's beaches
The coastline stretches from the mouth of the Guadiana River to the mouth of the Guadalquivir; from Ayamonte to Almonte; from Isla Canela Beach to Castilla Beach. 120 kilometres of sand and almost 3000 hours of sun a year accompany us, with an average annual temperature that exceeds 18ºC. At these beaches, nature is ever present, crowned by Doñana Park, while they have been given European Blue Flag recognition and the Q for Tourist Quality.

AYAMONTE - Isla Cristina and Punta del Moral
ISLA CRISTINA - El Cantil, Punta del Caimán, Santana, Central, El Hoyo, La Casita Azul, La Redondela and Islantilla
LEPE - Islantilla, La Antilla and Nueva Umbría
CARTAYA - San Miguel, El Rompido and Nuevo Portil
PUNTA UMBRÍA - El Portil, Los Enebrales, La Bota, La Mata Negra, Punta Umbría and La Ría
HUELVA - El Espigón
PALOS DE LA FRONTERA - Puente del Vigía and Mazagón
MOGUER - Mazagón, El Parador, Rompeculos and Torre del Loro
ALMONTE - Torre del Loro, Castilla and Matalascañas
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Savour the gastronomic delights
The best of surf, turf, tradition and quality join forces in Huelva to turn this destination into a veritable gastronomic paradise. It's 'lick-your-plate-clean' good. Meats, ham, seafood, fruit, oil, wine, jam, cheese, mushrooms...

HAM AND IBERIAN PORK WITH A DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN SEAL: The internationally acclaimed Huelva ham is an example of quality and authenticity. It can be roasted, varied in its preparation and is suitable for endless recipes. Regions such as the Sierra and El Andévalo are proof of this.

THE WHITE PRAWN, QUEEN OF HUELVA: Our white prawn, along with the wedge shell, baby clam and fish such as sea bass and sole raise Huelva to the peak of cuisine.

FRUITS OF THE EARTH: Oranges, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries... All of unbeatable quality.

OUR WINES AND OILS: Exceptional olive oil and wines characterise the province, which is home to diverse denominations of origin.
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Doñana and other
natural spaces
Doñana National Park is an enormous protected space of great biological richness and significant international importance. The National Park, Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site are comprised of different ecosystems, including the Guadalquivir River Marshlands. With the majority of the park situated in the Province of Huelva, it is home to a region of great cultural relevance, with the El Rocío Pilgrimage being its hallmark.

GUADALQUIVIR MARSHLANDS: The biological gem of Doñana National Park and the main hibernating and breeding area for aquatic birds from around the continent. It offers the perfect environment for endangered species such as the ruddy duck, western swamphen and marbled duck.

ODIEL MARSHLANDS: Protected due to its ecological value, situated a short distance away from the city of Huelva, this wetland enjoys an important position in Doñana.

RIOTINTO REGION: The Riotinto region has always been linked to mining. Its tortured landscape is the result of the efforts of mankind. The Mining Museum, the Corta Atalaya Crater (1200 m in diameter), Peña del Hierro Mine, the Tourist Mining Railway, and House No. 21 and the Barrio Inglés are particular highlights. This region is also linked to the world of cinema due to its locations and it has been the subject of a NASA study due to its possible similarity to the environmental conditions on Mars.
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Rediscover the Lugares Colombinos
On 3 August 1492 where, day after day, from the beginning of time, the waters of the Tinto River and the Odiel fuse before spilling into the vast Atlantic Ocean, three ships set sail for an uncertain future and unknown land. This privileged corner of southern Spain has, since then, been home to Columbian traditions.

LA RÁBIDA - The monks of this Franciscan monastery gave shelter and support to Christopher Columbus. Inside, it maintains the Americanist traditions of this land. La Rábida is located between natural spaces of great ecological value.

PALOS DE LA FRONTERA: The town that lent its men, money and ships to the American adventure. San Jorge Mártir Church still preserves its original appearance.

MOGUER: This was a fishing village at the end of the 15th century that actively participated in the Discovery of America. Today, it is an entrepreneurial town with Baroque tones, stately homes, fresh patios and large windows with forged iron grilles.

MAZAGÓN: Palos de la Frontera and Moguer lead to Mazagón, a coastal town balanced between a green landscape of pine trees and golden sand dunes.
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Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche
Monuments, nature, hamlets, festivities, hospitality, active tourism... This is Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. Its southern zone includes the beautiful town of Santa Ana La Real, where peace and quiet complement the unhurried rhythm of its inhabitants' lives. Surrounded by dense, diverse nature, it has numerous public paths designed for hiking and other nature sports. See more
Visit the El Condado Region
Eighteen settlements comprise this region. It is divided by dozens of small streams and consolidated by its history. Located in the southeast of the Province of Huelva, its wines, citrus fruits and strawberries enjoy pride of place in European markets. Its gastronomy (the fusion of game, seafood, pork and agriculture) and large beaches of fine sand are highlights.

EL ROCÍO, THE HEART OF EL CONDADO: Fifteen kilometres to the south of Almonte, bordering Doñana and presiding over the sea, is El Rocío Shrine, which is made of white, engraved architecture, a project of Balbontín Orta and Delgado Roig in 1969. It is home to the 'Blanca Paloma.'
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Wine Center - Huelva County
Located in Bollullos Par del Condado, the Wine Center stands as a meeting point where they cite and explain all resources related to wine, making it the main reference of all the wine tourism in the province of Huelva. A journey that will contribute to visiting a generic view of the 4,000-year history of wine Condado de Huelva. We are also explains the perfect symbiosis between wine County and surroundings of Doñana, one of the many reasons that make the wine Condado de Huelva receive the designation of origin. See more

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